Pro-Active Maintenance – Inspection and Thermography

Pro – Active maintenance is primarily a pro-active inspection business providing reports on your sectional title complex to assist in identifying maintenance needs. Inspection and Thermography is our game.
Our product offering is expanding and should you have a need not covered please feel free to request that service.


Trustees often have to do the inspection reports themselves and rarely get remunerated for the service and time they sacrifice to the other body corporate members. Pro-Active Maintenance can help lighten the trustees load by doing this for you and providing professional reports.

Trending of key information is also done to assist in seeing when things are no longer the norm.

Reports are colour coded to highlight areas where attention is needed.

Inspection and Thermography

Some of the checks on the detail maintenance list could be as listed below, but are customised per complex.


Customised Report generation for what needs maintenance – with Photo’s


1. Paint check

2. Electric Fence check (voltage and security company check)

3. DB Check ( paint, Phase Voltage, Elevate Voltage on the Neutral )

4. Garage door oil or varnish checks

5. Entrance and Exit gates functional checks

6. Intercom systems checks

7. Paving and Tar checks

8. Irrigation system functional checks

9. Water usage checks (bulk meter)

10. Visual roof checks from ground level

11. Quote scoping (additional charge)

12. Signage checks

13. Fire equipment checks – limited

14. Lighting Checks

15. Geyser valve leak checks

16. Thermal imaging checks – electrical hot connections, services routing and more (additional charge)

17. Swimming pool checks (scope to be discussed for pricing)

18. Club house checks (scope to be discussed for pricing)

19. Subsidence or damp inspections (scope to be discussed for pricing)

20. Club house checks (scope to be discussed for pricing)

21. Customised checks required by the trustees (scope to be discussed for pricing)

Inspection and Thermography services.

Inspection and Thermography

Repairs and Installations

Pro – Active Maintenance can also execute certain repairs and carry out some installation work these are largely;

  • Electrical Installations
  • Roof repairs
  • Painting – walls, roof trusses, garage doors, window frames and the like

If you have other needs please feel free to discuss these

Ask us for a quote, our pricing and quality of work are among the best in the business.

Quoting service

When repairs or new installations are required most body corporates look to the managing agents to obtain quotes. Often a variety of pricing is received for a scope which is not the same, one quoted using SWA cable and the other Surfex.

Pro-Active Maintenance has great experience in scoping requirements and can assist you in drafting a simple yet effective “tender” document for contractors to price to ensure the trustees get the best price for the expected outcome.

Thermal Scanning (Thermography)

A specialist service also offered by Pro-Active Maintenance is thermal scanning of primarily electrical installation but also building scans for water services, damp and air conditioning leakages.

Electrical connections over time can be come loose and cause hot connections resulting in arcing and damage to installations and secondary equipment this type of scanning assists in picking those up on live systems and planned maintenance or repairs can be done.

Inspection and Thermography services.

Inspection and Thermography


  • to be the eyes and ears of body corporates, sectional title stakeholders and small business in terms of maintenance and functioning systems.


  • To provide key summary reports with the repair quotations to ensure effective maintenance and forward looking budgets.We do the reporting, you are the decision maker.


Pro-Active Maintenance

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